Daniel Willett is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and worship leader and has been a well-known producer/mix engineer in Phoenix, Arizona for over 12 years. His passion for writing, producing, and mixing great music is the driving force that has made him one of the most respected producers in Arizona. Being a huge fan of music himself, he is right-at-home working with singer/songwriters with just an acoustic guitar, a five-piece rock band, and everything in between.

"Great music and great songs transcend all genres. My passion as a producer is to find the story in each song and to eloquently tell that story through the art of producing and mixing. I'm constantly challenging myself to learn new techniques and expand my expertise as a musician, producer, and mix engineer. Music is a never-ending journey. You never stop learning new things!"





  • As a fellow worship leader and song-writer, Daniel understands my motivation to create something unique and impactful. The recording process was streamlined and comfortable as he worked to create the best versions of my songs possible, considering my vision and feedback along the way. Daniel’s talents as a musician and his ear for unique and emerging sounds led him to create truly original and beautiful art from my songs. The final result is an incredibly professional, polished and commercial-ready album that I couldn’t be more pleased with.

    LAURA WESTROPESongwriter, Recording Artist, & Worship Leader @ Northridge Community Church
  • Working with Daniel this past year has been a truly amazing experience on so many levels.  As a producer-engineer, he has the technical expertise to create an amazing sound without compromising my vocal tone.  As a songwriter and musician, Daniel understands the creative process and he provides me with direction that allows me to maximize my performances in the studio.  Daniel is professional, personable, and most importantly, he is passionate about helping his clients create great music.

    MONICA BEALAward Winning Song Writer & Recording Artist
  • Recording music is about taking the song you hear in your head and bringing it to life. I have yet to find someone else in Phoenix who does this better than Daniel Willett. You could hire anyone to record your music, but that is not what you need. You need someone who will guide your music to its fullest potential, and that is exactly what Daniel does.

    Jon ScottSinger-Songwriter, Guitarist
  • Not only is Daniel one of the best engineers I’ve worked with, he’s an accomplished guitarist and has a very musical ear. You never need to explain the context of a song to him. He just gets it.

    ERIC EGGEBRECTSongwriter & Guitarist for CCV
  • Daniel has produced better mixes on our songs than anyone, and we’ve worked with mixing guys from all over the world. Other artists ask us who made our stuff and can’t believe that we didn’t have a major label team working on it. He’s just the best around.

    JASON ALLENSongwriter & Singer for Official Version
  • Daniel is an extremely passionate and talented musician and producer. It’s been a joy working with him on my first studio album. He has a way of bringing out the best in you. Daniel, unlike others I have worked with, wants to keep my sound mine, he just enhances it and truly captures the emotions and mood of each song. I am looking forward to finishing my album with him.

    April AnneSinger-Songwriter & Pianist
  • I’ve entrusted Daniel Willett on nearly all of my releases across dozens of projects for almost 10 years.
    There is no one I trust more to delivery exactly the results I hoped for. His ears on my recordings transcend everything imagined possible time after time. Daniel is one of few that can really get that commercial release sound and quality.

    JERIES ALFREIHGuitarist & Songwriter
  • I recently worked with Daniel Willett on a progressive house/dance track that I produced, and I can honestly say I was blown away with the results.  I have only been producing for two years, but he managed to turn what could have been an average production into a track that I feel fully confident sending to labels as a retail ready studio release.  On top of that he is an awesome guy who is fun and easy to work with.  He couldn’t have made the process any smoother and the results are phenomenal.  I hope to have many more tracks mixed and mastered with him in the future.

    ELIASProducer, DJ, Remixer


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